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Skool 2 Star

Skool 2 Star

A Dance Movie


Skool 2 Star is a dance movie prototype, a trilogy which will pave way for a new series platform designed to put into use the endless talents found in Nigeria across the states. Skool 2 Star is about determination, jealousy and treachery that surround the road to stardom.

The story is built on a zonal dance competition in a Nigerian University. Greg who has a bad history in dancing found himself forced back to stage by his love for Chioma. The union of Greg and Chioma triggered the chain reaction of jealousy, hatred and anger between Usher, a famous dancer on campus and Slim; a cultist and Chioma’s boyfriend. The story falls around the dance competition.

What Makes This Film Special and Possible?

Many independent films fail due to a combination of the following factors: low-quality “look”, simple sets, bad lighting, slow-paced plots, pretentious subject matter, and lack of marketability. The producers of this film understands these shortcomings and has adapted this project to overcome them.

The largest aspect of the budget for this film is the equipment. The visual quality of a movie is the first aspect of the film that people notice, whether or not one is aware of it. To make a “film” look like a “movie” instead of a home video, the best camera for a cinematic movie is a RED EPIC camera

Although the footage recorded on a Red Camera is high-definition digital imagery, it is not “video,” and the look is indistinguishable from film. Recent big-budget movies that have used this camera are Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) (Starring Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz), Jumper (2008) (starring Samuel L. Jackson), Wanted (2008) (starring Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman), Knowing (2009) (staring Nicholas Cage).


Before the movie is released in a premier, we will have a press conference,  massive social media publicity and publicity on the movie website.

We will submit the motion picture for screenings on different film festivals across the world and engage on a campus tour round the 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT. The final approach will be to sell viewing rights of the movie to large distribution companies like DSTV, iROKO TV, Netflix, Vudu, etc; which will create an audience running in 10s of millions.


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